Hassan's Retreats

One of my favourite events to teach are retreats as they combine my love of travel and yoga. Each retreat I have ever taught has been unique but every retreat always fills me with gratitude and joy to be able to lead students through their process. Some people come to retreat to relax, some come to deepen their practice and some just come for me time whatever brings you to a retreat I am humbled to either guide you through your process or create a space for you to be you. Please feel free to explore this page and read past reviews.


Sharan Ahmed

5 stars just don't cut it for this amazing being of light and love! I've just spent a week in Ibiza with Hassan, my 2nd retreat with him (the 1st being in Kerala in Feb 2018 which was indescribable!). He has a magical ability to bring together a group of yogis who connect deeply, aid each other on and off the mat and allow each other space to transform physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hassan is supportive during classes and tunes into the energy of the group, therefore moving away from rigid timetables or yoga practices. Hassan also brought yoga teacher, @suzybain in to teach some classes, and we experienced the alchemy of crystal bowl sound baths with @seldagoodwin. The villa we stayed in was absolute luxury with a gigantic pool, and delicious vegan cuisine prepared by a chef. I would highly recommend Hassan's retreats if you're new to yoga or an advanced yogi. There's something for everyone! x

Siobhan Purcell

There's no yoga teacher quite like Hassan. Not only does he teach from his heart, he is compassionate, empathic, authentic and loving and he has my complete trust. Without trust in a teacher, a yogi can only go so far. I've now been to six of his retreats, each one unique and wonderful its own way and he always attracts beautiful souls to him. Funny that.

Lynn Scott

Just love his spirit . One of the best Yoga teachers I have met . He is patient, kind and his heart is open. Plays the best music ever Simply I just love his practise.

Wailing Man

Hassan is a wonderful teacher and gives so much of himself to every class. He loves what he does and it shows. I'm happy to be a part of his yoga family.

Shabnam Bashir

Hassan is a beautiful soul and his retreats bring together beautiful people. Superbly organised in a stunning villa with a big pool in a remote part of the island. All the meals were prepared by a chef – vegan and vegetarian dishes that were out of this world! This is one week you would forever cherish.