A ‘hippy’ term for something I think is relevant now more than ever.

Releasing from your head space and leaping into your heart space is one of the most freeing, liberating and rewarding steps you can take on the spiritual journey that we are all on.

I feel it’s so important now to really connect with ourselves and each other.

‘If we all took responsibility for our own happiness the world would be a much greater place’ Stacey Moroney (Love you sister)!

Lets first establish what its like to be ruled by the mind. When you observe your thoughts, is there a constant chatter that is limiting, loathing, critical, denying, worrisome and insecure? Is it projecting fear or judgement? Is it deceptively soothing or empathetic in a way that is blaming someone else for how you are feeling.


It’s ok. It is a natural result of our childhood conditioning and learned responses to challenges and adversities; our habitual patterns of how we respond, interpret, react and perceive the world in relationship to our viewpoint of who we are.

Living in your head space means your self image is determined by what others think of you; therefore it is constantly changing to adapt to other peoples opinions of you.

Your sense of Self is made up of all the things others have told you with regards to who they think you are and who you are not. If it feels constraining or limiting as you try to mould yourself into an image that others will like, then it’s not the truth of who you are. The truth is not limiting or constraining, that is why it sets you free.

What does living in your heart space mean?

It is an inner knowing. A knowing that cannot be explained, but felt. You feel light, free, expansive and alive. You don’t question why you are doing what you are doing, but you feel pulled to do it. Living from your heart space means listening to your feelings and understanding what they are telling you. It feels just right and aligned to whom you are. It feels authentic. This is where yoga is such a fantastic practice to get us out of the mind and into the feeling.

All Yogi’s will understand that feeling you get after class that we cannot quite describe but it just makes you go “mmmmmm’, that satisfaction that comes with stretching the body and going internal for an hour focusing on breath. In todays society there is always more and more to let go of to get to our natural state, which I believe is bliss.

When we take the time to acknowledge and feel our feelings, we can learn to make better decisions that are for our highest good. Heart energy is always loving, supportive and empowering. When we live from our heart space we are self-compassionate. True healing is in total acceptance of who we are. As acceptance becomes the foundation for our growth and self-improvement, we no longer judge or condemn our Being. Instead, we begin to honour and celebrate it.

So ask yourself: How can I celebrate myself? How can I honor myself? In celebrating and honouring myself I live from my heart space. Practicing yoga, walking in the park, complimenting others, hugging and being compassionate are all ways to honour yourself.

I’m not naïve. I don’t think we can live in a busy city like London and live from the heart all the time. My heart is not going to tell me how to get through the front door or press the stop button on the bus or remember my passport when I’m travelling. But it will help me to understand the frustrated student in class or empathize with a stressed out commuter that barges past me, pulling out my headphones playing my lovely dolphin sounds and not lose my peace. I believe there is a time and a place for both.

For too long I let my mind inform my heart now I allow my heart to inform my mind.

Yoga was not the only discipline that got me here but it played a big part in it. I believe Yoga helps us to be still, clearing out the body and mind so we can feel.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi