Do you believe this statement? Its true.

I believe current circumstances and beliefs we find ourselves in are because we do not get told this statement often enough and are instead numbed out with chasing our tails all the time with our thoughts, bombarded with news and getting around from one thing to the next then worrying about the future but feeling powerless to be able to do anything about it. Lets take a deep breath and take a moment just to feel..

In the past I have myself believed that Im too insignificant to make a difference and have looked to and worked for institutions like charities, local authorities and senior yoga teachers and shamans I thought powerful to help them make a difference. Whether we made a difference to people lives in the long run I do not know but I did learn that no one can help you but you. I know that sounds extremely negative but it is the flip side to the statement in the title you are powerful and capable of doing what you dream. It is my life affirmation to be of service whenever I can and I do believe we all need a bit of help sometimes and there is a power in accepting that but ultimately you are in charge and if we all took responsibility for our own lives and happiness then everyone would be happy. As Gandi said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. Take for example if you are scared of approaching a particular class or pose take a breath and try what can happen? Or fixating on a pose in yoga and you think its not happening for you and you begin to judge yourself for it if you fall or don’t achieve a perfect expression, if you dwell on this you are disempowering yourself and missing the point you are on the mat and trying that’s all that matters, if you go to a shaman constantly to be healed, you are disempowering yourself and giving your power away, if you are constantly going to the doctor to give you cover up meds you are giving your power away. You are powerful and you can change your life, one act at a time will change the vibration and energy and this is what yoga and shamanism is what I believe for (again though I have been fixated on poses and also had beautiful healings in shamanic circles but ultimately I was showing up and doing the work). As Ive said before at best a good yoga teacher or shaman is holding a space for you to be in your process and discover your own power.

A lot of the spiritual teachers these days say that the thing that has disconnected us westerners from our natural connection and power is the thinking mind. We have let the thoughts take over. You are powerful beyond measure and to get that connection to your strength you just have to come back to you! Dropout of the thinking mind and take a deep breath and just feel your body, go to yoga, meditate, walk in nature, hug whenever you can. Taking that one step to getting on your mat or taking 5 minutes just to sit with yourself can be life changing and in time maybe you will change the world around you.

There are some aspects of life that we have no power over of course but if we just start to take our power back over our own lives and how we react to the world around us and treat ourselves then that surely is a step in the right direction.

To quote from Inner Worlds Outer Worlds:

‘U are the U in universe
The true crisis in the world in consciousness is the inability to experience our true selves…….’

You are powerful!